Katie Menzie's Turns Pro

Date: Tuesday June 19th - (My brothers 30th bday HAPPY BDAY MATT)
Time: 10:44am
Where: Colorado Springs
Temperature: FREAKEN HOT!!!!! Currently 32 degrees and getting hotter...but like everything else i love it!
Summary: Last week I hired a car and took a wee road trip to Boulder where I stayed with Callum Millward and Hannah Lawrence. I fell in love with Boulder and will be heading back there for some more good training and plenty of laughs when you in Callums company, although his card playing skills need some work good thing he has a few weeks to sort this before I return. Poor Hannah got really sick so we had a bit of an eventful night last Friday which consisted of me being at the hospital with her until 5am...rocking in a chair and pacing the hallways to stay awake. She is on the mend now so all good. I am now back in Colorado Springs staying with at James and Tash Patersons place. I love it here, everything about it. Ok, sorry your sick of hearing that by now this is meant to be a summary. I have decided to race in New Orleans this Saturday instead of Texas - cheaper to do that...go figure. Then I am off to Florida to catch up with some friends I went to Florida Southern College with...I CANNOT WAIT to see them...5 years goes way to fast! Then its off to New York for a race on July 8th, straight to Minneapolis and then back to Colorado for about 10 days before Ohio.

Important points: Boulder is somewhere you should all go, its a uni town and with the students being on summer holidays at the moment I gather its quieter than normal but still lots of people milling around. There are bike/walking trails that wind beside the river so you can commute all over the town without going on roads and people of all ages/shapes/sizes are on their bikes which is probably a good time to point out that my next bike is going to have tassels coming out of the drops...and potentially a basket on the front, so cool! The main street kinda reminded me of Qtown...paved with lots of shops, restaurants etc and a really cool atmosphere. If only i could play the panio, there is one that anyone can jump on and have a go. Not to mention the many 'interesting' acts that are going on along the way. I may or may not have had a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and it was pretty good but my sister in law makes a pretty mean cheesecake and it didnt beat that! Back to the reason im here - the training was great, awesome places to ride/run and the outdoor pool is great for my swim suit lines! With all the like minded people it really is the perfect place to be!

Ok best be off things to do...and all day to do them hahaha i dont think i could ever get sick of that!

Posted: Fri 22 Jun 2012



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