Club Uniform Design Challenge

We are in the process of obtaining quotes from various suppliers to get us kitted out in a club uniform (optional). We would really love your input into the design of the gear so get out your crayons and coloured pencils and give us your best designs.

What we would realy like is to have at least a club running/t-shirt (possibily included as part of the Club Membership next seaon). Then provide the opportunity for members to purchase top quality club branded gear at a discounted rate through group purchasing, according to demand.

But we need a great design to make us stand out and easily identifiable as Dunedin Tri Club Athletes.

Below you will find links to four templates from the Champion Systems website for a Run Top, Trisuit, Tri top and Tri Shorts. Use these to create your designs, scan them and send them to Chris Mitchell by the end of July. From there your committee will review the designs a make a decision on how to progress.

While the templates are from Champion Systems, we are not restricting ourselves to their products at this stage. They have previously provided excellent quality gear for the Tri Academy so are obvously one of the companies we will approach. However, at this stage their templates are a convenient method for you to get your designs on paper. Feel free to use any other tools/software to help get your ideas on paper.

Just a few things that must be included:

  1. Dunedin Tri Club Logo i.e. the three triangles
  2. The words "Dunedin Tri Club"
  3. Shoe Clinic Logo
  4. SBS Bank Logo

All of the above can be found on our website. We realise that it is difficult to "draw" these on your design so just a place holder will suffice.

We look forward to your designs and are excited about moving towards having something that we can all wear proudly as Dunedin Tri Club Athletes.

Get Creative!!!

Posted: Tue 02 Jul 2013



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