TriNZ Membership Required for Challenge and Ironman Events

TriNZ Membership Required for Challenge and Ironman Events


As you may be aware, TriNZ in reintroducing an annual membership fee after having TRIBE membership free for a number of years. This was introduced on a volunteer basis this year but becomes "mandatory" next year/season (from 1 Nov 2016).

Some of you may already have seen the latest email from Challenge Wanaka. Challenge Wanaka are supporting Tri NZ and introducing a single day licensing fee for all athletes/teams not affiliated with Tri NZ.

Please note that Ironman are also doing the same for the 70.3 in December and Ironman NZ in March 2017 (which reflects what they have done in Australia and other countries).

I am not totally sure how this is going to work but assume you will need to provide proof of your TriNZ membership at race registration and not at entry.

Note: You will need to be a financial member with TriNZ on race day which is in the next year/season, not this year.

Our Club Membership runs on the same schedule and we will be offering a membership package that gives you a full year membership with TriNZ ($25), not just a single day. We will also have a "social" membership for those who only want to compete locally and won't be racing events that require TriNZ membership i.e. Challenge, Ironman or Age Group Qualifying.

As a "competitive" member we will manage your TriNZ membership, although this process of how this will work is still to be confirmed with TriNZ.

The whole idea of this charge by Challenge and Ironman is to capture those athletes that aren't part of an affiliated club either as international athletes or "one-off" single race athetes to support TriNZ and I guess local clubs.

So basically what I am saying in short is, please join our club to get an annual membership for instead of a daily one. Especially if you are intending on racing Challenge and Ironman or qualifying for Age Group World Championships.

The committee is working hard, and will continue to over the rest of this season, to offer additional benefits for the new membership packages next season. TriNZ Membership won't be the only reason to join the club ;o)

We will update you as we find out more.

Posted: Fri 22 Apr 2016



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