Women's Run Bike Run Duathlon Confirmed Date Sunday 7th Oct 2018

Women's Run Bike Run Duathlon Confirmed Date Sunday 7th Oct 2018

NEW race day is

Sunday 7th Oct 2018 - dust off your bike!

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details 

Below are the details of our previous two events in Oct 2017 and March 2018 

The event is for ALL girls and women. Walk, jog or run followed by a ride along the
beautiful John Wilson Drive followed by another walk, jog or run

Race Distance

         Run, Walk or Jog 2km/Bike 7km/ Run, Walk or Jog 2km       

         Individuals or teams of 2 or 3

Course details:

     Run Leg 1
         Starting on the grass at the end of Kettle Park Road (above the Marlow Park Playground).
         Run across the fields to Victoria Road. Run a short distance on the footpath before turning
         back into Kettle Park and running back across the fields to transition.

          Bike racks will be set up in the carpark at the end of Kettle Park Road in the carpark

          Bike East along Kettle Park Road, turning right onto John Wilson Drive. Continue along
          John Wilson to the roundabout at Lawyers head. Return back to just before the bollards
          where you will turn and do another loop round the roundabout. On your second loop
          return down John Wilson Drive, turn left into Kettle Park Road until transition.

     Run Leg 2
          The same course as leg 1

      There will be marshals on the course.

Posted: Fri 02 Feb 2018



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