Taieri Mouth Multisport




Kayak Stage

The paddle starts in the water off Knarston Park and you head up the stunning lower Taieri Gorge to the start of the Taieri Mouth – Henley Millennium Track around a small island off-shore which depending on the tide may require a small portage you then paddle into what is affectionately known as the White House (the shore here is rocky).

There will be volunteers to assist when possible.

The Length of the paddle is : 7km

** If you are entering the Duathlon or as a Team in the Multisport its ok you will not miss out on the stunning Taieri River Gorge, we will take you up to the start of the Run/ transition by boat. If the boat ride has no appeal we have some vehicles heading up.

For the Kayakers we will bring your kayak back however if you want your support crew to do this that’s equally fine. 

Run Stage

The run is on the Taieri Mouth – Henley Millennium Track which in parts is best described as undulating. There are some absolute stunning views to be enjoyed as well as running through open ridges, pine forests as well for the majority through the native bush. At times the sound of native birds and cicadas can be deafening.

Once you complete the track section you will then come onto a gravel road (Riverside Road) which you will follow onto Taieri Mouth Road which is a sealed road and back into Knarston Park for your transition.

Undulating Track : 9km

Gravel Road and Main Road : 1.5km

Mountain Bike Stage

The ride starts at Knarston Park and heads south on initially a sealed road – heading out through Taieri Beach you will then go onto a gravelled road.  This becomes a rather undulating gravel road before dropping down in Akatore and entering the forest and doing a loop through the Wineta Forest. Before returning back to Knarston Park via the same route as you travelled out. 




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